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Approved Document L2A of the Building Regulations states that all new buildings must be designed and built to a standard such that the calculated Building CO2 Emission Rate (BER) is no worse than a defined Target CO2 Emission Rate (TER).

SBEM Calculations are a mandatory requirement for any heated, new commercial building exceeding 50m2 floor area.

Nationwide can provide SBEM calculations for all commercial buildings, including:
•Leisure Centres
•Care Homes
•and more …

SBEM calculates the energy cost and carbon emissions generated to heat, light, ventilate, cool and provide hot water to a building. SBEM calculations are also used to show compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations, and should be applied from the design stage of the build process.

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Up to 50 m2, 51 m2 -150 m2, 151 m2 -250 m2, 251 m2 -500 m2, 501 m2 – 750 m2, 751 m2 – 1000 m2, 1001 m2 -1250 m2, 1251 m2 -1500 m2